Musician Bio

Using carefully crafted songs with vivid imagery and subtle wit, Steven uses his music to tell stories, and create a shared experience with the listener. Hailing from the west coast of Canada, Steven Marriott is a singer/songwriter whose live performance never ceases to get people smiling and singing along. It’s hard to put a specific genre label on his music, but if the Barenaked Ladies adopted Jason Mraz, and invited the Goo Goo Dolls over for a backyard weenie roast, they might bust out the guitars and cover Steven’s music around the campfire.

Songwriting is such an open and boundless art, and there’s no need to limit yourself to one style. Steven’s original music draws inspiration from everything from Celtic ballads to Argentinian tangos, but all the while retaining a folk rock undertone. Having hundreds of shows at various festivals, pubs and restaurants in Western Canada both as a solo act, and as the lead singer/guitarist of his former band, Emberfield, Steven shows no sign of slowing down.

Steven loves music and hopes to use it to change lives wherever he can. Be it through inspirational lyrics, or through a fun and engaging performance that brings a smile to someone’s face. You may never know when someone is going through a rough time and maybe all it takes is a silly stage joke, or a simple line in a song that can change their path. You’ll likely never know that it happened, but you have to stay optimistic that by following your dream and trying to make a difference, that somewhere, somehow, it will.